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Our Story

It is not hard to explain why Bali—one of the top tourist destinations in the world—is internationally recognized. But it is slightly more complicated to explain why Bali is captivating, to the point of bewitching, to a lot of people who have visited the island.

If you ask those who have been to Bali, they might say they always want to go back (or never leave, for that matter). But why, ask you again. Some people might answer, it’s the artsy vibe. The scenic, green rice fields. The contagious smile of the local Balinese. The turquoise seawater. Or perhaps, it’s the mix of everything.

As a place of elaborate cultures and traditions, Bali is full of intricate ceremonies and prayers. It is also an environment where ideas materialize into fabulous things. The Balinese people are creative, open, and resilient. They welcome the world to enjoy and cherish their land and their home.

BALI BHUMI was born to share stories about Bali and Indonesia. We want the world to learn about our customs and habits. Our way of living and connection to nature. Our attachment to rituals. Our dedication to preserving our heritage.

As the awareness of responsible consumption grows, we see demand for sustainable home products. Hence, we started BALI BHUMI to show our love of Bali and its high-quality craftsmanship by delivering the best of our local natural products. We work together with local communities of craftsmen using sustainable materials to offer excellent products at a reasonable price.

And as our story goes, we want to spread more love from us to you.

With love, from Bali.